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I was excited to have an email from Victor Summers from Simple Shelter Texas about one of his latest small rustic cabins.

He calls it an eco-retreat because it sits on 40 acres off the grid in the San Luis Valley in south-central Colorado.

So yes, there are amazing views of the Sangre de Cristro Mountains from the cabin.

Small Rustic Cabin on 40 Acres with Mountain Views for Sale

Victor asked me to let you know that the cabin, along with the property, is up for sale for $275,000.

But if you tell him you saw this post he’ll reduce the price to $225,000. So tell him Alex, from TinyHouseTalk.com sent you if you happen to be interested.

Small Rustic Cabin in San Luis Valley South Colorado for Sale on 40 Acres

Photos Courtesy of Victor Summers

The 650-square-foot cabin is miles away from the electrical grid and sits at about 8500′ elevation in the southern part of Colorado.

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An artist and a musician couple built this tiny cabin as an escape in Delhi, New York.

Kim creates and sells calendars, prints, prisms, and wedding decorations through her website and in various shops in New York, Texas, and California.

They were inspired by photos of hand built homes from the 60’s and 70’s. Everything that you see was done by them and their friends and family.

What you see here is the result of four years worth of work (and it is still not 100% complete).

As you might imagine, they’ve learned quite a bit of carpentry skills along the way. They started with no experience whatsoever but learned as they went thanks to friends and family.

The tiny cabin features stained glass windows, a rustic feel all around, and plenty of musical instruments.

tiny cabin

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