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This shipping container house is modern, can easily be moved, and can be customized to your own liking on the inside.

One Cool Habitat is always innovating their prefab units, and here they are to show you their modern looking shipping container unit. It can easily be an extra bedroom, backyard office, or tiny house. What do you think?

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A Prefab Shipping Container House That’s Modern

Prefab Modern Shipping Container Home

Photo Credits: One Cool Habitat

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This 336 square foot house (weeHouse) is located in the prairie land near Lake Pepin in Minnesota. The cabinets and kitchen are from IKEA. The exterior is clad and painted to where it has that rustic look to it. It was put together in 2003 for about $60,000.

When you go inside there’s stainless steel in the cabinets and some of the furniture along with the hardwood look on the floors, walls, and ceiling. Plus you are surrounded by openness–floor to ceiling windows on both sides with sliding glass doors.  I would love to live in a place like this. On the other side of the house (opposite of the kitchen) there’s the sleeping areas. It looks like one queen or full bed with privacy curtains and storage plus a smaller loft bed–also with privacy curtains. In between that is pure openness.

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336-sq.-ft. Wee House Tiny Home by Alchemy Architects

WeeHouse - A small prefab house

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Photo credit: Blu Homes

Blu Homes was founded in 2007 and they have been making green homes for residential, commercial, and institutional customers since then. They use computer modeling and a unique folding technology to save on shipping and set up costs.

Prices for their prefab homes begin at $64,000. Their homes meet LEED certifications and the company is located in Littleton, Massachusetts where the houses are designed and manufactured.

Enjoy a virtual walk through of the Origin house which is pictured above at BluHome’s website.