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I thought you might enjoy this article from Small Home Family which gives us 10 warnings before going tiny or small, specifically with your family.

If you’re seriously considering downsizing to a tiny or small home, this may shed some light on the challenges that you may encounter. So do you still think you can go tiny or small after these warnings?

Still Think You Can Go Tiny After These 10 Warnings?

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Don’t be fooled by the sleekness of the outside because the inside of this modern small home is full of light.

Like a stack of modern lego blocks this small house looks very boxy yet when you go inside all the rooms are very open, bright with plenty of windows and overall just spacious.

It was designed this way so when the entire family is in the house they could all easily spend time together. The living room is the main space and every other room besides the bathroom open up to the living area.

There are many small gardens or terraces that bring in natural light and give the small children extra space to play outside which I like. Also- I’m curious- do you consider a family of four living in 964 square feet ‘living small’?

Family with 2 Kids Living In 964 Sq. Ft. Modern Small Home


Images © Iwan Baan and Ken’ichi Suzuki

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