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It’s exciting to show you this classic 480 sq. ft. tiny cottage in Nashville, TN that’s available right now as a vacation rental.

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly the usual tiny house that we see built right onto a trailer but a structure like this still offers the simple life, doesn’t it? So if you’re seriously considering downsizing, going tiny, or you’re just not sure yet, one of the best ways to figure that out is to invest your next vacation time in a tiny house or a small house like this one.

Try tiny then try small if you have to! And even if you’re curious as to what it might be like to live in an RV or a houseboat, for instance, you can find a way to take an RV or houseboat vacation too. This way you don’t waste your time/money investing big bucks and lots of labor into something that wasn’t going to work out for you in the first place. Makes sense, right? So if you want to explore more tiny and small house vacations be sure to explore this category. But before you move on to that please enjoy and re-share this wonderful little cottage in Nashville below. Thank you!

Southern Style Tiny Cottage in Nashville, TN

Small Cottage in Nashville 001

Images © Airbnb

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This 638 sq. ft. cottage for sale is a guest post by Laura Hatfield – share yours!

Hi Alex,

I have lived in this charming 638 square foot home for 8 years. It is located in Woodland Park, CO. Ideal small house living in the heart of the town, 1 block from 2 brew pubs, the library, beautiful park and the main music venue for summer concerts.

It is located on a large lot with a privacy area out the back door with a chimina to enjoy the cool mountain evenings. The front porch is ideal for morning coffee and an amazing view of Pikes Peak. It is being offered for $170,000 the pictures are from my real estate agent and I have permission for them to be published on your site.

Thank you,
Laura Hatfield

638 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Colorado Mountain Town

638 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Colorado Mountain Town

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Laneway houses—small houses built in backyards—are taking the Vancouver, Canada area by storm. A response to the ever-increasing population of the area, the laneway house is a great way to cope with the population density while still allowing citizens the feelings of permanence that come with living in single-family houses.

This particular laneway house is designed by Smallworks Studios and is 670 square feet. This home looks just like a miniature version of just about any traditional house you might see anywhere else. It even includes simple landscaping–in the form of small hedges—that makes this space feel even more like home.

With this house, you certainly would not lack in modern creature comforts. You would be surprised what can fit into 670 square feet of space. In this case, two bedrooms and two bathrooms easily fit into this 1.5-story home. This house also includes a kitchen/dining area, a living room, and a study.

The kitchen is particularly impressive as it easily houses all your necessary appliances—from a fridge and freezer, to a microwave, a sink, and a dishwasher. There is also still room for several cabinets and a pantry.

In terms of décor, this home is neutral with a few carefully placed splashes of color in areas like the bathrooms and the kitchen. It is perfect for those who prefer a subtler, more traditional style for their homes, and it makes a great addition to the small house movement.

670 Sq. Ft. Cottage

Laneway House, Small House Movement

Images © Smallworks

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What a quaint getaway cottage!  Newly renovated and offered through VRBO, this property is perfect for getting away from the hubbub of the city.  Bright and airy, with generous views and access to Flax Pond, where you’ll enjoy kayaking, swimming or fishing in its clear fresh waters.

With 2 bedrooms (each furnished with a queen size bed) and 1 1/2 baths, you can comfortably vacation with your small family or a couple of friends.  Enjoy coffee or cocktails on the sun porch, peacefully overlooking Flax Pond.  The kitchen is fully equipped with new appliances and all necessary cooking utensils.  There is even a charcoal grill so that you can cook and eat at the cottage, if you wish.  The cottage also contains a washer and dryer for your convenience.

Located in a quiet and peaceful waterside neighborhood, and surrounded by lots of trees and greenery, you will have many “important” choices to make each day:  relax in the hammock, take a hike on one of the several hiking trails, or visit one of the many beaches in Dennis and Cape Cod.

606 Sq. Ft. Little Cottage Vacation Near Cape Cod

Pet Friendly Seaglass Cottage 02

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If you’re into tiny houses I think you should also be into small houses under 1000 sq. ft. too that’s why I’m showing you this 646 sq. ft. Carpenter Oak Cottage.

When you want to live simply but want enough space to have friends and family over, or you want to be able to work from home, or even if you just want more space (for larger furniture or something), then small houses are probably your best choice long-term.

This little cottage is built in Cornwall, United Kingdom and is designed by Carpenter Oak. Inside and out, you’ll see how unique and beautiful it is below. Please enjoy and re-share with your friends below. Thanks!

646 Sq. Ft. Carpenter Oak Cottage


Images © Carpenter Oak

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If you’re into tiny living but know that you absolutely do need more space than I think might like this Lanefab 1020 sq. ft. small house with garage in Vancouver called the Newport Lane House. It’s built on a 50′ lot and the design offers one bedroom, one bathroom, and a garage for your car and/or hobbies. Pretty cool, right?

One of my favorite parts is not only that it has a garage because I’d like to take care of my car and store some of my stuff there but I also love the second level balcony to spend time outside on. And not to mention, how the kitchen area opens up to the outside. Super awesome!

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1020 Sq. Ft. Small House with Garage


Images © Lanefab

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This 431 sq. ft. cottage is designed and built by The Wee House Company which designs and builds tiny and small homes throughout the United Kingdom. All of their homes are built in-house then delivered and installed on your property which can take around two weeks.

Inside you’ll find a mud room, living room, full kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. It’s a one bedroom cottage with plenty of space (and no upstairs sleeping lofts). How would you like living in a little cottage like this?

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431-Square-Foot Cottage by The Wee House Co.

431-Square-Foot Cottage by Wee House Co.

Images © The Wee House Company

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Situated on a beautiful lake in Kalvsvik, Sweden this beautiful lakeside cottage was built in 1934 and renovated in 2008. The gorgeous 538 Sq. Ft. cottage features an open kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bed loft and a large patio. The kitchen is open and airy and is connected directly with the living room so that you can cook and converse with your guests at the same time. The interior is stark white making it feel fresh, open and airy. The door in the living room opens up to a large outside patio with amazing views of the lake, perfect for entertaining.

The cottage’s master bedroom features an open wall that will allow you to feel as though you’re bringing the outside in; the bathroom features a space saving shower that has two swinging leaves that you pull out to form a shower enclosure when needed and can close for additional space when not in use. All in all, the cottage is a masterpiece!

538 Sq. Ft. Cottage in Sweden


Images © Sotheby’s

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Who wouldn’t love spending some time in a quaint 768 Sq. Ft. seaside cottage on the beautiful coastline of Cape Breton Island in Canada? Eagle Pass is the perfect getaway spot for anyone looking for some peace and quiet with a view.

Situated on a 7-acre property, five minutes away from the Cabot Trail, Eagle Pass features 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, an eat-in kitchen and a gorgeous patio to lounge on.  The cottage has a ton of natural light due to the many windows that it features and also has beautiful cathedral ceilings, which makes the space seem a lot larger than it actually is.  The kitchen features a very cool looking corrugated metal wall which goes well with the exposed framing of the white walls and ceiling.  The space is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles. All in all, it’s a great place to sit back, relax, BBQ and enjoy that beautiful view.

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768 Sq. Ft. Seaside Cottage on Cape Breton Island


Images via Stewart Applegath/HomeAway

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