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This is The Legend, a 798 sq. ft. small house plan that is wheelchair accessible.

It is designed by Larry Stauffer of Larry’s Home Designs.

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The Legend – A Wheelchair Accessible Tiny House

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This is a 480 sq. ft. tiny cabin on 3 acres in Ward, CO.

It is listed for sale on Estately for $150,000.

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Tiny Mountain Cabin in Ward, Colorado!

Cozy Little Mountain Cabin on 3 Acres For Sale

Photos via Estately

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This is the story of an 800-square-foot cottage in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood. It was built thanks to a new ordinance which allowed small backyard cottages. It was built by a family who wanted grandpa to get to be closer to his grandchildren. Pretty cool, right? It’s the Magnolia Backyard Cottage by Microhouse.

Ben and January live in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood and were excited when a new Seattle ordinance allowed them to build a backyard cottage behind their home. “We wanted to build a place for my father to live when he retired, so he could be closer to his grandchildren Leo and Francis.” Said January. In the near term they planned to rent the cottage and ultimately decided to use it as a vacation rental through VRBO. This has proven to be quite successful helping fund the construction of the cottage.

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800-square-foot Magnolia Backyard Cottage😊

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Do you want to build an inviting home that’s simple, functional and affordable? The Kozy Kabin Tiny House Plans from Dee Williams at PAD Tiny Houses could be just what you’re looking for.

While many tiny homes on wheels are getting larger, fancier and more complex, the Kozy Kabin keeps its simple roots. At 14 feet long, it’s 84 square feet on the main floor, plus a sleeping loft of about 40 square feet. There’s no running water, no dedicated bathroom, and Dee always ran it on just a “smidge” of solar electric power, but she was happy enough there for 12 years.

Dee famously built the original Kozy Kabin tiny house for $10,000 in 2004. She was able to build on a budget using tons of salvaged materials and putting in around four (unpaid) hours of time on its construction for three months. To build this house yourself today, budget for a construction cost anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000 depending on material choices.

Dee Williams’ Original $10k Tiny Home (Plans Now Available)!

Dee Williams Kozy Kabin tiny house

Images © PAD Tiny Houses

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It’s exciting to show you this classic 480 sq. ft. tiny cottage in Nashville, TN that’s available right now as a vacation rental.

I know, I know. This isn’t exactly the usual tiny house that we see built right onto a trailer but a structure like this still offers the simple life, doesn’t it? So if you’re seriously considering downsizing, going tiny, or you’re just not sure yet, one of the best ways to figure that out is to invest your next vacation time in a tiny house or a small house like this one.

Try tiny then try small if you have to! And even if you’re curious as to what it might be like to live in an RV or a houseboat, for instance, you can find a way to take an RV or houseboat vacation too. This way you don’t waste your time/money investing big bucks and lots of labor into something that wasn’t going to work out for you in the first place. Makes sense, right? So if you want to explore more tiny and small house vacations be sure to explore this category. But before you move on to that please enjoy and re-share this wonderful little cottage in Nashville below. Thank you!

Southern Style Tiny Cottage in Nashville, TN

Small Cottage in Nashville 001

Images © Airbnb

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This 638 sq. ft. cottage for sale is a guest post by Laura Hatfield – share yours!

Hi Alex,

I have lived in this charming 638 square foot home for 8 years. It is located in Woodland Park, CO. Ideal small house living in the heart of the town, 1 block from 2 brew pubs, the library, beautiful park and the main music venue for summer concerts.

It is located on a large lot with a privacy area out the back door with a chimina to enjoy the cool mountain evenings. The front porch is ideal for morning coffee and an amazing view of Pikes Peak. It is being offered for $170,000 the pictures are from my real estate agent and I have permission for them to be published on your site.

Thank you,
Laura Hatfield

638 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Colorado Mountain Town

638 Sq. Ft. Cottage For Sale in Colorado Mountain Town

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