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These small cottage floor plans concept drawings are a guest post by Robert Olson

Hi Alex, thanks for allowing me to share my concept drawings and connect with the tiny house community. My aim are small cottages with a resort feel. Most in the 500-800 ft. range.

My goal is to make small spaces feel big, the use of natural daylight, and to bring nature inside in a wooded setting. My ideas were spawned from Marriott Residence Inn Suites, but in a single family cottage.

My first is a 16 X 26 two story cottage. Effectively 400 ft downstairs and 400 feet upstairs. This design borrows from Colorado Lodge architecture with its glassed-in gable. The 16 X 16 upstairs suit is flooded in daylight with a large deck up in the trees. Downstairs has a full kitchen sporting a 6 foot window over the kitchen sink for views into the woods.

The attraction to this concept sketch is the spacious upstairs suite in the trees with vaulted ceiling, lots of glass, and optional skylights.

800 Sq. Ft. Two Story Small Cottage Floor Plans & Design Concept


Images © Robert Olson

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Here you’ll find a couple of small house floor plan sketches by Robert Olson, a reader of the Tiny House Newsletter and Tiny House Talk.

We’ve exchanged some e-mails and I’m excited to share some of his design concepts with you which are in the 500 to 1080 sq. ft. range of space.

The first one is a two story atrium loft house design with a wall of glass in the downstairs living area. A spacious kitchen with a big window over the sink. There’s also a large bathroom with a spacious walk-in closet and a spiral staircase in the living area that to get up to the atrium loft. Vaulted ceilings with 6 skylights bring daylight down through two floors. Please enjoy, leave your thoughts in the comments (would you build and live in this one?) and re-share below. Thanks.

Small House Floor Plan Sketches by Robert Olson


Images © Robert Olson

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