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A while back I showed you this 450 square foot small apartment with the custom one piece multi-functional piece of furniture.

I’m glad to announce that Kirsten Dirksen of Faircompanies.com has just published a video tour of the same apartment owned by teacher/resident Eric Schneider.

450-Square-Foot Small Apartment Goes Multi-Functional

In 2005 Eric purchased the largest apartment that he could afford in Manhattan. He ended up with what you’re seeing here.

It’s a 450-square-foot studio the he got for $235,000. At that time it was a very basic apartment with some closets and an old kitchen.

450 SF Multifunctional Small Apartment that Converts Inside the Kitchen of the Unfolding Apartment

Photo Credits Alan Tansey
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Do you think you could live in this 78 square foot apartment?

Meet Luke Clark Tyler. He’s an architect who’s been living in extremely small spaces for a few years.

Two years ago he was in a 96 square foot apartment. In his last move, he chose to downsize even more.

The place is so small that you can barely fit a regular bed in it. So he designed and built his own.

He made it so that it has plenty of extra storage underneath to store winter clothes and tools.

His bed looks a lot more comfortable than your ordinary pull out couch or futon.

Notice on the screen shot below how the mattress is tucked away against the wall on the right.

Tiny Apartment in Manhatten - 78 Square Feet

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Here is a 500 square foot small apartment that was designed for the owners not only to live in but also work out of and use as an office.

The first thing you’ll notice is how incredibly clean and organized it looks. The designers incorporated seamless design throughout the place making storage look pretty much invisible.

If you like the pine interiors of some of the Tumbleweed tiny houses that you’ve seen on here, then you’ll probably like this studio apartment too. And there are so many cool features…

  • Below the upstairs bedroom loft, you get a walk in closet for storage
  • On the way up to the loft, you can use the stairs as camouflage storage
  • Plants throughout give you that warm “homey” feeling
  • Professional millwork gives you lots of “invisible” storage, which makes the place feel clean and simple yet modern

You can have a look at the photos right here thanks to photographers Frank Ouderman and Sean Karns. And Jordan Pamass Digital Architecture – more on them below.

Upstairs Bedroom Loft in this Small Apartment

Underneath the bedroom lies a walk in closet.

Stairs double as storage

Staircase doubles as storage — no need for a bulky dresser.

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Remember that high tech convertible small apartment in Hong Kong? All of the rooms would transform making all of the space multifunctional.

Here’s a 450 square foot Manhattan apartment that has been uniquely redesigned by architect Michael Chen and assistant Kari Anderson.

This one is not as crazy as the Hong Kong one, but probably way more practical.

The teacher/resident Eric Schneider wanted the place to serve as a home where he can cook, store his stuff, sleep, entertain, and work.

What did they do? They knocked down most of the walls and recreated the place with transformer cabinets.

UPDATE: You can now watch a video tour and interview below.

Tiny Transformer Manhattan Apartment 450 Square Foot Apartment Redesign

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It’s been a while since the last small space furniture post, so here’s #14. A collection of convertible / multifunctional furniture that will proudly double or triple serve your tiny house.

When furniture doubles its use as something it makes a big impact on the functionality of the house. Most importantly, it just saves space!

The first video below is a sofa that quite amazingly converts into a bunk bed in just a few seconds.

After that you’ll find a twin bed that also serves as a desk with storage. The best part is, no need to take things off the desk to go to sleep.

And a surprise video under that one.

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I found this apartment the other day on Apartment Therapy and I really liked the interior. It’s simple with lots of shelving and storage. It’s located in New York City and is 400 square feet although it looks smaller than that to me.

Lauren, the owner, has studied architecture and she definitely put that to use in the renovation of her small apartment. The end result is shown below–great flooring, colors, clever storage, and a great layout considering what she had to work with.

The custom made bed has lots of storage–there are shoes and even a kayak under it!

Lauren's Tiny Apartment
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I wanted to show you guys my new 500 square foot apartment that we just moved into. We were going to be on a road trip this summer but decided to move back into here instead.

The best part about the apartment is it’s 3 blocks away from the beach and almost everything is within walking distance. There are plenty of great people around the area too.

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This video tours a 400 square foot apartment that seems to be at the heart of Barcelona.

They lived their when it was just the two of them. From what I understand they have grown out of it as a family.

Their Starter Apartment… 376-sq.-ft.

Link (via)

Our big thanks to Faircompanies for sharing!🙏

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