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Travis and Michelle first hit the road in their original converted school bus back in 2016 when they were going to visit their daughter. They met other skoolie folks and attended other tiny house festivals and started to feel the tug to jump all-in instead of just doing the occasional trip.

When lockdown hit, it was the final push to get them on the road. They were able to work remotely, their kids had moved out, and they were renting a home they no longer really “needed.” Eventually, they built out their current bus, the Big Blue Hauler, and jumped in full-time! Oh, and during all of this, they founded Skoolie Swarm which now welcomes hundreds of skoolies each year.

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Couple Hit The Road When Their Kids Moved Out

Founders of Skoolie Swarm and their Big Blue Hauler 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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