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Imagine spending your life traveling from one unique tiny home to another, embracing the simplicity and freedom they offer. For Spud and MaryEsther Hooley, this dream has been their reality for over four decades. From a converted caboose in Idaho to a yurt in Mongolia, their journey has been a testament to the beauty and versatility of tiny living. Now settled in Sisters, Oregon, the Hooleys have embarked on their latest adventure: building their very own tiny home on wheels.

Fondly named “The North Sister” after the local mountain peak, their 300-square-foot home showcases the culmination of their construction experience and their passion for community development work around the world. Every inch of this tiny abode tells a story, with handcrafted details and ingenious design elements that maximize functionality and comfort. From custom storage stairs adorned with bamboo for a soft step to a stunning full-sized shower featuring corrugated metal and exposed copper pipes, The North Sister is a testament to the Hooleys’ dedication and creativity.

A Life on the Move: Exploring Unique Tiny Homes Around the World

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