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Kevin and his ex-wife originally purchased this tiny home from Tiny Heirloom, so they could travel closer to extended family with their twin boys. At the time, the boys were only 2 years old, but now they’re eight!

While Kevin and the boys’ mom split up, Kevin settled the tiny house into a community in Durango where he works remotely in marketing. The boys have moved from cribs in the gooseneck to a fun treehouse loft bedroom. Enjoy the tour below!

  • A single dad’s journey: Raising twin sons in a tiny home since they were 2, now aged 8.
  • Creative transformation: From cribs to a treehouse loft, discover the boys’ evolving space.
  • Thriving in a community: Settled in Durango, Kevin balances remote work and parenting with neighborhood support.

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From Traveling in a Tiny to Settling Down in a Community

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