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This simple, Japanese-inspired tiny house can also be described as a zen cabin in the woods.

I’ve always wanted to use that word in the description of one of the featured homes, shacks, cabins, or retreats here.

Looking back, I’d have to say that the tree-house/mushroom/dome cabin I featured a while back was also kind of meditative. But not as much as this one.

With it’s natural timbers, over-sized beams, natural-looking plaster walls, it seems to induce a sense of calmness just by looking at it.

If you’re a carpenter you may notice that there are no attempts (purposely, mind you) to disguise screws, nails, or bolts.

Update: Video tour and interview with owner/builder added at the bottom!

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Man Designs/Builds Japanese-style Tiny Zen Cabin in the Woods

Simple, Japanese Inspired Tiny House / Zen Cabin in the Woods

Photos Courtesy of Brian Schulz

The builder, Brian Schulz, founder of Cape Falcon Kayak, admittedly reveals his design’s flaws, “..the roof pitch is slightly too steep, the body of the house is a bit too tall, and if I’d known that I was going to use a cedar shake roof I absolutely would have dipped the ridge and flown the gables.”

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