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Christoph Kaiser and Shauna Thibault are daring newlyweds who spent their first year of marriage building a 366-square foot grain silo tiny house.

So far they love the tiny life, complete with an outdoor shower, spiral staircase and large kitchen table for entertaining. I’m always up for a round tiny house, and this modern twist on an old storage building is no exception.

Watch their video tour with Zillow below and get more details from Christoph’s architecture firm here.

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Newlyweds Build A 366 Square Foot Grain Silo Tiny House

Screenshots via YouTube/Zillow

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This Whimsical Tiny Silo Cabin/Fairytale Cottage is located in Tyringham, Massachusetts. It’s designed to be a honeymoon cabin but you can definitely use it for any sort of vacation or getaway so I’ve added it tour tiny house vacations category.

This rustic tiny home sits on a beautiful garden estate with a few other cabins on the property as well. The silo cottage is great two people. I think it also serves as a wonderful source of inspiration for your own future cabin project because it’s a great example of what you can do by rehabbing another structure to build your tiny home, or in this case a tiny house vacation!

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Tiny Silo Cabin Built from Reclaimed Materials As a Whimsical Fairytale Vacation Cottage in Tyringham, MA!

Tiny Silo Cottage

Images © Airbnb

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