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Have you ever considered living, working, and travelling in a van?

Then this couple’s van life documentary is a must-watch because they share the sometimes tough truth about what it’s really like fitting your whole life into a camper van.

From the outside, the van looks like what you’d expect: dark blue, a compartment on top for your bed, and a bike rack in the rear. On the inside, this isn’t a quaint tiny home spruced up for professional pictures. You’ll see a dinette and kitchen area stuffed with food, games and other necessaries. Laptops clutter the table, clothes are strewn in every crevice, and as this couple will tell you, life on the road isn’t always easy. At one point the couple can’t sleep because of a loud storm, and at another point, the 6-foot 6-inch man is trying to get comfortable on the dinette. During a board game, the van is tilted, messing with the dice roll. Yet all of this, they say, is making them better people because of how it’s pushing their limits and forcing them to cope even though travelling in and sharing such a small space can be challenging.

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Couple’s Van Life Documentary: Living and Traveling in a Van

Copule's Van Life 001

Images © Faircompanies.com via YouTube

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