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This is the story of a single mom who built a getaway cabin with Scandinavian-inspiration.

It’s available as a vacation rental (see info below) in Massachusetts and you can enjoy a video tour and interview below thanks to The Nomadic Movement.

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Off-grid 240-sq.-ft. Scandinavian cabin in MA

Cozy off grid Scandanavian Wigwam Tiny Cabin Vacation via Pamela Airbnb 001

Images via Pamela/Airbnb

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This is the ESCAPE SPACE MA. It’s one of ESCAPE’s new line of portable structures that you can use as a man-cave, she-shed, backyard office, companion studio to your tiny house on wheels, or for just about whatever else you can think of!

The MA units start out at $12,800 but if you’re an ESCAPE customer you may eligible for special pricing, just ask! Anyway, take a look at the Escape Space MA below and let us know what you think in the comments.🙏

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Stylish, Beautiful, And Affordable Escape Space MA

EscapeSpace MA Glass Wall


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This is ESCAPE SPACE, a new line of beautiful buildings that can be put almost anywhere and used for almost anything. Whether you are looking for a man cave, she shed, home office, art studio, or glamping space, or any other ADU, and they start at under $12,000, making them beautiful and affordable.

You can order them as a shell and finish it yourself, or you can have a variety of options added. You pick the model with your desired options, they build it and deliver it to your site.

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ESCAPE SPACE Beautiful Portable Buildings That Start At Less Than $12,000

EscapeSpace Classic


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