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Vince Marzilli owner of Evergreen Tiny Homes and Custom Woodworking in Orono completed his first tiny house.

Vince’s first tiny house is called the Cumberland and is available for $64,000. A gallery of photos and specs are available for you below.

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The Cumberland Tiny House by Evergreen Tiny Homes of Orono, Maine

Cumberland Tiny House by Evergreen Tiny Homes of Orono Maine For Sale

Images © Evergreen Tiny Homes

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This is the 40ft Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots.

It boasts about 500 sq. ft. of space inside with two sleeping lofts, a main floor bedroom, a screened-in front porch, luxurious kitchen, and more.

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500 Sq. Ft. Elmore Tiny House on Wheels by Movable Roots with Main Floor Bedroom, Double Lofts, and More!

The Elmore Tiny House by Movable Roots 001

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This is a 25ft tiny house on wheels with a screened-in porch that’s listed for sale on Tiny Home Builders.

It’s a 275 sq. ft. THOW built in 2018 and listed for $64,000 out of Orono, Maine. What do you think? It has now been sold, but it’s a pretty nice tiny house design/build, don’t you think?

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275 Sq. Ft. Tiny House on Wheels with Screened-in Porch in Orono, Maine

25ft THOW with Screened-in Porch For Sale 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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