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When his Marine life ended abruptly, Johnny and his wife, Shiang-ling, jumped into converting an amazing school bus into their home-on-wheels. It’s been more than two years now, and the family of six is still enjoying their mobile lifestyle.

As one of 11 kids himself, Johnny took great care to make sure each of his kids has special space for their personal belongings — from a desk with hidden storage, to their own bunks with little fans, movable lights, and under-bed clothing storage.

Shiang-ling is a budding herbalist and studying permaculture, so their bus home has all kinds of room for her tinctures, canning, and cooking. You’ll love the video tour done by Tiny Home Tours, which you can watch below! Follow the family on Instagram.

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Retired U.S. Marine Builds His Family of 6 a Bus Home

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As a former mom of two-under-two, I’m incredibly impressed that Ben and Mia managed to buy and convert this school bus into their full-time home while juggling a baby and barely-toddler! They actually first built a tiny house while living in Sweden (where Mia is from), before moving stateside and choosing a skoolie conversion.

Ben says the school bus was more fun to work on, overall, and they’ve made it an awesome home. Inside you’ll find bunks for both kiddos, a shower with tub, safe hookups for the kids’ car seats, and an impressively pared-down toy collection for the children. All in all, they spent $11,000 on the bus, and another $11,000 on the conversion.

Check out their awesome botanical decor and get all the solar array details in the video tour with Jenna from Tiny House Giant Journey below.

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Family with Two-Under-Two Travel the US in their Skoolie

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No, this is not an April Fools! This really is a family of six who is travelling the United States in a Skoolie Conversion.

The Rhodes are hitting the road for their “Great American Farm Tour.” What’s the tour all about? They are searching for the greatest sustainable yards, homesteads and farms in America (pretty cool!). They are not only making frequent vlogs (video blogs) about all of these amazing farms, they are working on a documentary that will compile video footage from their journey.

If you are interested in learning more about the documentary, check out their finished Kickstarter campaign here. If you want to follow the family’s adventures, subscribe to their YouTube channel.

And if you want to see their Skoolie Conversion, look below and watch their video tour!

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Family of Six Skoolie Conversion: Video Tour

Image via Kickstarter

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This is a converted school bus that Sarah Szymczak, her husband Ed, and their four kids live in.

Sarah says, “I never thought we would own a school bus. Yet, it does not surprise me that we do. We’re always up for an adventure, always open to venturing outside of the norm. Two creative parents. Four fun loving kiddos. And a whole lot of wild and crazy dreaming.”

I hope you enjoy learning how this family converted an old school bus into a fun, crafty and cozy tiny home for six! So I’ll let Sarah take you on their journey to school bus living below.

We want our children, our family, to be grounded in a lifestyle that isn’t about the next big purchase, but rather the next experience that feeds the core of who we are. So, we bought a bus. Here’s how that happened…

Please enjoy, learn more and re-share below. Thank you!

Family of 6 Living Tiny in Converted School Bus


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