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Bob is an incredible sculptor with an artist’s eye for turning trash into treasure, and that’s what happened when he came across a £1 grain silo for sale on eBay one afternoon. Since he works with scrap metal already, an entire silo’s worth of it seemed like a gold mine. What he didn’t expect at the time was that he’d turn it into a fully functional tiny house and live in it with Carol Ann for 5 and a half years!

What’s remarkable about the silo is not just that it’s a DIY home, but that most of the interior — including the furniture — was also crafted out of reclaimed materials. The couch is welded from chains and the back seat of a VW beetle! A washing machine door window is the porthole in the bathroom. Old piping became the ladder to the bedroom loft. This tour is just so fascinating, so don’t miss out on the video below.

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Five Years of Living in This Recycled Masterpiece!

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Christoph Kaiser and Shauna Thibault are daring newlyweds who spent their first year of marriage building a 366-square foot grain silo tiny house.

So far they love the tiny life, complete with an outdoor shower, spiral staircase and large kitchen table for entertaining. I’m always up for a round tiny house, and this modern twist on an old storage building is no exception.

Watch their video tour with Zillow below and get more details from Christoph’s architecture firm here.

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Newlyweds Build A 366 Square Foot Grain Silo Tiny House

Screenshots via YouTube/Zillow

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