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This is the VicariBUS skoolie. Meet Heather and Nick and their awesome doggie named Miles. They’re a couple with a dog who are traveling in their custom-built skoolie! Have you ever wanted to travel cross country in your own school bus conversion? That’s what they’re doing. And we think it’s awesome! Where do you think you would end up for a while if you have your own school bus conversion kind of like this?

We are three people – one of whom happens to technically be a dog – who have decided to get rid of all of our stuff, put working on hold (mostly), and to get out and live a little.

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Couple Convert School Bus into their Off-Grid Tiny Home on Wheels with Solar

Couple Convert School Bus into their Tiny Home on Wheels – VicariBUS Skoolie

Images © Vicarib.us

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Can you imagine doing a 9-month road trip from London to Singapore in this little Land Rover?

This family of 5 did it!

Ray, Marianne, Liam, Seamus, and Declan are an adventurous quintuple who have done multiple overland journeys together.

Family of 5’s Epic Land Rover Adventure!

Overland Travel Family of 5 – Exploring Alternatives 4

Image © Ray and Liam Hyland

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