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Serge worked hard his entire life, but when it was time to retire, he was ready to start living for himself! After converting his campervan, he’s found a wonderful community and passion for the arts, including dancing and joining a band.

He has an outdoor shower, hidden toilet-under-a-bench and a fixed bed he can crawl into at night. His kitchen includes an oven and bar sink. Serge is in his 70s and says he wants to live in his tiny house until the very end of his life!

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Dancing, Music & Travel for Retirement

Quebec Man Retires in His Self-Built Campervan

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Vera had gone through a lot before she sold her home and started building her tiny house — 3 bouts of cancer and two battles with Lyme’s Disease. Resilient as ever, she spent two years sourcing and building a sustainable tiny house and has lived in it for nearly a decade now.

Vera took the time to call all her suppliers and check on how they treated their employees and what their recycling systems looked like. Much of her interior was second-hand or even found on the side of the road. The house is solar-powered and you’ll love all the unique details FLORB shows off during the video tour below.

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Her Super Sustainable DIY Tiny Home

Cancer and Lyme’s Disease Survivor Builds Silver Bullet THOW

Images by FLORB

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This 266 square foot tiny house has all you need, including a downstairs bedroom with a door that’s completely private from the rest of the tiny house! It’s for sale for $37k in Oregon City, Oregon.

The home also features two lofts, one with a built in ladder and the other without one. The kitchen area has space for a refrigerator, and you could add an electric cooktop and possibly an oven after-the-fact. There’s plenty of room for a couch in the main area, and the bathroom includes a flush toilet and standing shower stall.

You can check out the photo tour below, and be sure to look at the full 3D Matterport tour here. To make an offer or ask questions, contact the seller, Hannah, at Tiny House Markeplace.

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266 THOW with First Floor Bedroom: $37K

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