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This is the story of Jessie Lipskin, a young lady from Manhattan who decided to buy an old 1966 GMC Greyhound bus on eBay for $7,000 to turn into her very own tiny home on wheels.

So Jessie spent the next three years and $70k professionally remodeling it, plus an additional $55,000 on various other expenses to repair and maintain it to make it what it is today. The bus is 40ft long and 10ft wide so it offers about 400 square feet.

By the way, she’s now selling the bus for an asking price of $149,000 because she has plans to travel internationally so if you’re interested in taking it off her hands it’s available and she’s considering all offers.

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Woman’s Old Greyhound Bus to Chic Tiny Home Conversion!

Woman Buys Old Greyhound Bus and Turns it into Chic Tiny Home

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This is a fully restored cottage that was originally built in 1898 in downtown Glenwood Springs, Colorado that offers about 550 sq. ft. (or 750 sq. ft. if you include the upstairs attic loft) of space inside.

As you approach the little cottage you’ll notice the charming front porch behind the fence which surrounds the property. When you go inside you’ll find a living area with a pull-out sofa that can sleep two.

You’ll also find a bedroom with a twin bed, a full bathroom with tub and shower, a full kitchen, laundry area, and an attic storage space with a queen bed and meditation/study area. Another great feature is the location because it’s only two blocks from shops and restaurants and a short walk to a hot springs pool. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks!

550 Sq. Ft. Restored Historic Cottage

Historic Cottage Downtown Glenwood Springs Colorado 001

Images © Mountain Home Photo/MasonMorse.com

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This 1969 Airstream is a guest cabin conversion that was renovated by the current owner.

Right now it’s in Austin, Texas. The current owner was using it on his property as a rental.

Unfortunately, the city determined that it is not allowable to be used as a rental on the current property, so that’s why it’s for sale right now.

The asking price was $22,000 USD. Last year alone, according to the Craigslist ad (expired), he was able to earn more than $25,000 in rental income from it. And so far this year, he’s already up to $8,000 in rental income. It’s too bad the city is forcing him to stop, isn’t it?

But it can be a great opportunity for someone to buy it who has the money. It seems like it’s ready to move into and use just like you would a custom built tiny house. For around $22k, that seems like a pretty fair deal to me! (Update: sold!)

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Remodeled 1969 Airstream


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Right now I want to show you this 1961 Mobile Scout restored vintage travel trailer for sale with an asking price of $7,500. Take a look below and let me know your thoughts in the comments down below. Thanks!

1961 Mobile Scout. Has title. Restored July 2011. Replaced with 30 amp electric. Has electric frig, microwave. Cabinets original. Kitchen window customized to fit a/c window unit. Screen door rescreened. Counters and table re-topped. Floors retiled. New insulation, walls replaced with new birch and stained to match. Wardrobe cabinets and original “ice” box. Memory foam mattress still in plastic. Kitchen booth cushions remade as well as custom curtains. Camped in a few times. Several updates but original charm preserved.

Source: http://houston.craigslist.org/rvs/4853062890.html

1961 Restored Vintage Travel Trailer For Sale


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