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Over at Micro Showcase, Sharon goes over the three basic types of tables that transform and serve multiple purposes in your tiny or small home.

He shows you examples of coffee tables that are able to expand into dining tables. And dining tables that can be super compact when not in use.

Please take a look at these furniture options and re-share them with your friends below. Thank you.

Expanding Tables for Small Spaces

Expanding Dining Table Furniture for small spaces

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When it comes to living in a tiny house we have to get creative.

Some of us don’t want to go up a ladder and into a loft, so we create amazing staircases.

But what if you don’t want to go up any sort of stairs or ladders?

In these cases you can consider murphy beds, futons, micro bedrooms, or…

You can consider one of the 3 amazing (and pricey) hidden, space-saving beds for small spaces featured in this post.

1. Espace Loggia’s Electric Air Bed: Transforms your Bedroom to Dining/Work Area

Espace Loggia's Electric Air Bed: Transforms your Bedroom to Dining/Work Area

At night when the bed is in sleep position, your room is a simple bedroom. But when you wake up, you can transform the living space into a dining room, work area or just more open space. Check it out below:

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If you follow this website or others I’m sure that you remember the tiny Hong Kong apartment that transforms into a multitude of rooms within just 330 square feet of space.  A key part of that apartment’s design was it’s furniture.

Furniture plays a key role in small spaces, especially when families are involved.  In fact I think the right furniture can make or break many people’s decision to go small.  These designs offer incredible convenience.  Desks can turn into beds (without having to move everything off of your desk!!), shelves turn to tables, and more.

Small living spaces for today’s people need to have multi-functional furniture.  Listen and watch as Ron Barth, president of Resource Furniture, shows you their designs. How about some of this furniture in a tiny house?