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This Santarella Tiny Silo Cabin is located in Tyringham, Massachusetts. It’s a cozy, whimsical, fairytale cottage right here in America.

The honeymoon cabin rests on a beautiful garden estate with a few other cabins on the property. This silo cabin is the perfect getaway for two people. It’s also great inspiration for your own future project and an example of what you can do by rehabbing an older historical structure like this one and turning it into a wonderful tiny home to live in or let others enjoy.

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Santarella Tiny Silo Cabin


Images © Santarella

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This Victorian Tiny Texas House cottage is now available as a tiny house vacation rental so I had to tell you about it and show it to you. It’s completely custom designed and built using 100% reclaimed, repurposed and salvaged materials with incredible attention to details throughout.

To me, this isn’t just a tiny home… It’s a work of art by Brad Kittel and his team over at Tiny Texas Houses. When you go inside you’ll find stained glass windows, antique wood floors, and a ladder that leads to a unique loft with a king sized bed. Inside you’ll also find a full service kitchen and bathroom with soaking tub. Outside there’s an enjoyable front porch, patio area, and… a private hot tub. And there’s more, too. Like a gas grill and garden area.

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Victorian-Rustic Tiny Texas House Cottage You Can Vacation In


Images © HomeAway/Justin Robinson

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Guest Post by Barry Howard Studio

Three things have always been part of my life: art, travel and designing and building small living spaces that move.

I have converted school busses into two-story homes that featured wood cookstoves, lofts and stained glass windows.

I built a home in vans, VW busses, mini-vans, a VW bug, and a 24′ trimaran, and I have built several micro houses on flat bed utility trailers and a couple of them on the ground.

My current project is one I have had in my head for several years… It’s a gypsy caravan that can be pulled by a bicycle.


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