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This is a beautifully-renovated Airstream with a nice outdoor living space.

Sean Swayze and Kent Worth are responsible for the transformation which you can see in the video below.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Renovated Airstream with Awesome Deck Space

Renovated Airstream with Outdoor Living Space

Screenshots via YouTube/House & Home

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Today I wanted to show you a great example of how you can turn an existing cargo van into an inexpensive DIY camper.

If you’ve ever thought about van dwelling then you’ll probably love this van conversion.

The person who converted this van wanted to create something that she can travel with and go one or two nights without any hookups on her way to her destination.

The cool part about this one is that it has standing room thanks to the fact that it’s a high top van that she found on Craigslist.

Since it’s a high top she’s able to change clothes, shower, and even cook in there with comfort.

Here, let me show you the van:

Van Dwelling: Cargo Van to DIY Camper

Vandwelling Conversion

Images: TinyCamper

When she first got it, it looked like this on the inside (see below):

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When people tell me they want to travel a lot with their future tiny house on wheels I always think, “hey, why not just go for a travel trailer because it’s lighter and easier to tow?”

And if you wanted you can always still live in a travel trailer just like you would in a tiny house. Especially if you get to completely renovate it.

In this case, we’ve got a 1954 Airstream that was wonderfully renovated into what I consider a modern tiny cabin on wheels by Timeless Travel Trailers.

1954 airstream to tiny cabin

Photo Credit Orvis

I encourage you to enjoy the rest of the tour of this awesome RV to micro cabin conversion:

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This small a-frame cabin that many people would call a tiny house was professionally renovated by dmvA architecture.

They called the project Extension House VB. It’s a vacation home in Brecht, Belgium.

The clients wanted to respect the original design while making it modern and more spacious.

A-frame Small House Renovation

Here’s what they did in summary:

  • New entrance
  • Library
  • Bathroom renovation
  • White interior
  • Floor to ceiling windows
  • Views of nature

Here’s what the cabin originally looked like:

A-frame Tiny Cabin

Photos by Mick Couwenbergh

My question to you is, “do you like it better before or after?” Take a look at the home after the renovation then I’ll tell you what I think below:

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Deep underground in London’s south east side, architect Laura Clark did something that most people would never even think about doing. She renovated a public bathroom and made the 600 square foot space her own home.

The public loo, as they are referred to across the pond, was long abandoned and Clarke took it as a personal challenge to renovate the space and make it her home. She referred to it as “micro regeneration.” The story in the Telegraph shares a bit about the history of the space and exactly how she went about her renovation.

You can see the beautiful kitchen and sitting room in the photo gallery in the post. I love her use of open shelving in the kitchen – something I prefer. Why keep all your pretty dishes and, in my case, great bar ware behind closed doors? The rest of her kitchen is streamlined and modern. Check out the slideshow here. You can also see her amazing use of outdoor space, something you don’t expect from a public toilet.

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photo credit: fabbio via photopin cc

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