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While plenty of people living in skoolies go the DIY route, if pulling out the power tools isn’t in your wheelhouse, there are companies that do bus conversions! Paved to Pines is one such company.

Based in Canada, Paved to Pines was started by two college buddies who began by simply converting a bus for themselves. But now they have the experience to create builds for others, and do so for clients across Canada and the US. One of their most recent builds is the gorgeous watermelon-colored “Big Betty.”

Betty is a 37′ school bus ready for a family. It has two bunks, a separate Master bedroom, and a front lounge area that can turn into additional guest sleeping. This was designed for a client, but you can commission a similar build (or something custom!). Check out their FAQ page here.

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They’ll Convert a Bus or Van for You!

Big Betty 4

Images via Paved to Pines

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