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TuboHotel is a unique hotel that has utilized inexpensive materials to provide affordable accommodations to its customers.

Tubo means tube in Spanish. In 2006 architect Andreas Strauss used recycled concrete pipes to create a tiny houses to be used as hotel rooms (DasparkHotel).

T3Arc designed and built TuboHotel with inspiration from the work of Andreas.

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Tubes turned into Tiny Houses for this Hotel in Pueblo Magico Mexico

Located in Tepoztlan, Mexico there are beautiful views of the Sierra on this property. They call the area Pueblo Magico which means magic village.

The goal here was to not only build inexpensively but to also do it quickly. The purpose of the property is to serve tourists in the area.

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico
Photos Courtesy of TuboHotel

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