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Expandable Tiny Houses with Pop Outs is a guest post by Jay Oistead

This is Jay with Ragsdale Homes and I wanted to share with you some of our current tiny house projects we’re working on.

Directly below is a sneak preview of our new Sunday House which is a transforming tiny home because it has pop outs.

We designed it small so that we can transport it cross country to attend workshops, conventions, and other events.

Once the home is on site and expanded it offers 216 sq. ft. of living space while the perimeter dimensions are only 8’x10′ while traveling.

We are developing a patent pending ‘Room Roll Outs’ so parts of the home can expand and increase livable square footage once on site.

Ragsdale Homes Tiny Houses with Pop Outs: Sunday House

Ragsdale Homes Tiny Houses

I encourage you to see and learn more below:

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