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This is Mat and Hayley’s steel-frame tiny house build out of Auckland, New Zealand.

They’re over @tamakitiny on Instagram where you can follow along as they build they tiny house and more. What do you think of their tiny house project so far?

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Couple’s DIY Tiny House Project in Auckland NZ

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Mr. Luker’s Tiny House project is a relatively new blog recording the building experience for new tiny house builder named Joe.

He really doesn’t share much about himself on his blog or on his attached Google+ profile, but just from reading through his blog you can tell that he is passionate and dedicated to the project.

Joe visiting April Anson's tiny house. Photo by Joe Luker.

Joe visiting April Anson’s tiny house. Photo by Joe Luker.

He started the project in April 2013 by explaining his reasoning for building a tiny home. Like many of us he was attracted to the idea of reducing his finances and the positive environmental impact of a small home.

He explained in detail about his trailer choice and even asked for advice on the overall construction in some the earliest posts this year. You can also see his Sketch-Up designs for the building on the website.

I encourage you to scroll or click below for more of Joe’s story and photos of his tiny house project.

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