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In this episode, we speak to Tim Mastic, who moved into an Escape tiny house near Tampa, Florida, at one of their new tiny house village developments. He was the first resident to move in to this brand new community. In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What Tim’s tiny house is like
  • How he made the decision
  • Why he went tiny
  • What he considered before going tiny
  • His life before going tiny
  • Tim’s electric bill during the most recent summer months in Florida
  • An audio tour of his tiny house
  • What it’s like working from home in his tiny house
  • We talk about his tall tiny house loft
  • We discuss tiny house retirement
  • Starting out tiny as a young person
  • And much more!

He Moved Into A Tiny House… Here’s What It’s Like And Why He Did It… (Tiny House Talk Podcast Interview)

Tims Tiny House in Escape Tampa Bay Village 001

Image by Escape

Listen to this podcast/interview below. Right now this episode/interview is only available to listen right here on this page (I guess you can consider this a pre-launch), but it’s coming soon to YouTube, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google Play, etc.
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This is a tiny house story session over beers with Jenna of Tiny House Giant Journey and Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition.

It’s really fun and insightful getting to sit alongside these wonderful tiny house people who have traveled thousands and thousands of miles with their tiny homes in tow and get to listen in and absorb some of their knowledge and experience! And, they’re super fun, too. Enjoy…

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Beers with Tiny Houser Jenna Spesard of Tiny House Giant Journey Alongside Alexis and Christian of Tiny House Expedition

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Did you know about the Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman? I wasn’t sure if you did! Well, if you’re interested in learning more about living tiny, this is one of the best podcasts you can listen to.

The episodes are free and are usually 25 minutes to an hour long, which is perfect for a commute, gym session, laundry session, the dishes, or a nice walk if you’re lucky enough to have all your chores done.

Anyways, the episodes are all very interesting and cover a wide range of topics. You may learn what it takes to go completely off-grid, how to advocate for tiny homes in your city, or how a musician uses a tiny house on wheels to travel and tour full-time. You get a list of some of my favorite episodes below which you can enjoy right away. Please go ahead and scroll down to enjoy. Thanks!

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The Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast with Ethan Waldman – Learn What It Takes to Live Tiny with this Free Podcast!

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