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This is one way you can get work done during van life using an outdoor stand up desk mounted on your van’s custom bumper. Yes, this is the story of a stand up desk mounted on the front bumper of this man’s van conversion!

This bumper happens to be an Aluminess van conversion specialty bumper, the adventurous mountain bike couple also use it to hang their hammocks, by the way. Plus the van lifer, @outsidenomad, is also using a FlexFixx balance board to make his stand up work session even better. Check it out below! And please, let us know what you think in the comments. I had never thought of this before and just think it’s awesome! How about you?

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He’s Working Outside Using a Stand Up Desk Mounted to the Bumper of his Van Conversion!

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This is The Portal by The Tiny House Company in Australia.

The modular-style home is brimming with green — potted plants everywhere bringing the outdoors in! This house was nominated for the 2016 Tiny House of the Year and I’m not surprised. My favorite feature is the drop-down bed that hides near the ceiling during the day and comes down for bed time — genius!

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The Portal Tiny House on Wheels by The Tiny House Company in Australia

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This is the Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation on the Rogue River in Quebec.

Staying in their “Wagon de Berger” means you have a quiet spot to rest on a 22 acre nature site with access to canoeing/kayaking, hiking, cycling, dog-sledding, ice fishing, sledding and more. Want to book your stay yet?

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Kayak Cafe Shepherd’s Hut Vacation in Quebec


Images via Kayak Cafe

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