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Now, this is different! The owners blended an A-frame with a Saltbox style cabin and dubbed it a “G-Frame.” I really like how it opens up the interior and offers more loft headroom, while at the same time keeping that cozy A-frame feel inside.

The whole cabin is run on solar power, and heated with the indoor wood stove, and wood stove in the nearby sauna. There is a foot pump sink for washing dishes, an indoor composting toilet, and during warmer weather, an outdoor shower. What do you think?

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A-frame and Saltbox Inspired ‘G-Frame’ Woodland Cabin

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This is a 240 sq. ft. Tiny Christmas Cabin by Jay and Kim Merrett.

It’s a 12′ x 20′ cabin in East Texas that’s fully decorated for the holidays.

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Jay and Kim’s 240 Sq. Ft. Tiny Christmas Cabin

240 sq ft Tiny Christmas Cabin 01

Images © Jay and Kim Merrett

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This is the 135 sq. ft. Off-Grid Wave Eco Cabin by Eco Living.

Inside, you’ll find a studio-style living area with a kitchenette.

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135 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Wave Eco Cabin by Eco Living

135 Sq. Ft. Off-Grid Wave Eco Cabin by Eco Living

Images © Echo Living

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This is a 200 sq. ft. off grid tiny house sent in by Andrew Cox.

Hey there, check out my 200 sq. ft. tiny house. It’s hidden in high desert of the Pacific Northwest and is 100% off the grid. Composting toilet, 12 volt power (totally wired and lighted throughout), propane & wood stoves. Easily sleeps 4 and totally set-up for the prepper. Completely over built and over insulated as the weather varies wildly between the negative teens and triple digits. Buttons up nicely for long term storage.

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200 Sq. Ft. Off Grid Tiny House

Off Grid Cabin 001

Images © Andrew Cox

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