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If you ever wanted to experience Burntcoat Head Park and the Bay of Fundy, this adorable cottage in Nova Scotia might be the ticket! The one-room cottage has queen “bunk beds” to sleep a family of four, a compact kitchen, and some truly breathtaking views!

There are shared bathroom facilities on site, and one other cottage is strategically placed far enough away to make this feel like a private retreat. Enjoy time in nature all day and rest your head in this quaint spot at night. What do you think?

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Breathtaking Views of the Bay of Fundy!

Colorful Little Cottage in Nova Scotia

Images via Heidi/Airbnb

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As promised, this is the Nova Scotia Small Home floor plan by Robinson Residential.

It’s the first of 13 Canada-inspired designs by John Robinson, and you can purchase the plans you’ll see below on his website here. He wrote us:

Nova Scotia is one of the eastern maritime provinces and know for it’s picturesque ocean views and historic townsites. The Nova Scotia plan is an interpretation of an iconic light house, which still remain along the Atlantic coast. The main floor includes a compact kitchen, dining area with a window seat, and a ¾ bathroom. We have maximized built-in storage where ever possible. The second floor is the bedroom, which has space for a washer/dryer, closet and built in cabinetry. On the top floor we designed wrap around windows and built in seating with storage underneath. Imagine the panoramic vies of sunrises and sunsets from this space…We can modify these plans to suit particular situations as well.

Enjoy the designs below and buy the plans here.

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The Nova Scotia: Small Home Plans

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