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Meet Sarah and Trevor and Persephone the Van, their home on the road for over a year and a half. They spent a total of three years on the road, having had another van before that.

While they now own a home and animal rescue, this is the story of their stealth and simple van life. They spent that time traveling the country and finding something upsetting — lots and lots of litter in beautiful spaces. They made it their mission to pick up as much trash as possible and return these natural wonders to their former glory.

They kept their van simple and stealthy, but they found what worked for them! They even took out a large built-in with a farmhouse sink because they never used the sink. The rest of their materials are recycled and reclaimed. Pretty great!

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Persephone the Van & Her Trash-Cleaning-Up Owners

Couple & Pets Super Stealth & Simple Van Life

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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