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I’m excited to share with you how two friends took a tiny studio apartment in Brooklyn and transformed it into a 2 bedroom apartment with plenty of space to host dinner parties and musical events.

The guys say the most rewarding part of this whole project is that they did it all themselves which always feels great.

By using mostly reclaimed materials and designing and building their own unique furniture they turned this space into a great place they can proudly call home.

Words can’t justify how cool this Brooklyn flat really is. So check it out for yourself below.

Two Friends Convert Brooklyn Studio into Amazing Apartment


Images © Faircompanies

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Here’s a new tiny house documentary I thought you might also enjoy watching.

It’s about a family of five who decide to embark on the journey of a roadtrip.

And it’s not just on any “normal” motorhome/RV/travel trailer.

They’re doing it in a 1981 VW Westfalia camper van.

Each family member can only bring one backpack.

Family of 5 Traveling in a 50 Sq. Ft. VW Bus for a Summer

I urge you to enjoy this almost 2 hour long 100% free to watch tiny house documentary below:

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Most of the time we talk about tiny houses as our only home.

But have you ever considered owning multiple tiny homes, if you could?

After reading Laura’s post on tiny house living in the city versus the country, it really got me thinking about this.

Instead of one large house or condo, you’d have two- or maybe even more- small spaces in different locations.

For example, someone might decide they want to have a home in town and another out in the country with no neighbors.

Multiple Tiny House Ownership?

What are your thoughts on multiple tiny house ownership? Would you do it? I’ll leave you with my thoughts below:

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Architect Karl Wanaselja and partner Cate Leger created a unique small house in Berkeley, California.

They call it the McGee House. It consists of 104 salvaged car roofs which cover the upper side walls of the home. The inspiration behind the upper siding came from fish scales.

The lower wall siding is made out of a waste product from the furniture industry in clad form called poplar bark.

The awnings are side windows from America’s best-selling minivan, the Dodge Caravan.

It’s a 2 bedroom home with two levels and a gorgeous upstairs balcony.

From the outside, at just 14′ wide, it appears smaller than it’s actual size.

1140 Square Foot Small House Made from Reclaimed Car Parts in Berkeley California

Photo Courtesy of Nicolas Boullosa

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