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Deb and Pete wanted to get rid of their mortgage and move closer to Pete’s parents while his mother was fighting cancer. After losing her battle, Deb and Pete have been able to be right next door to Pete’s dad and support him through the difficult aftermath — all while living debt-free now that they’ve sold their traditional home.

The tiny house they have now is gorgeous, and the coolest feature has to be the large deck that pretty much doubles their living space in nice weather. Inside the French doors you’ll find their living space with a big L-shaped couch, and then storage stairs that take you into the loft bedrooms. Their daughter has her own bedroom in the very back, with an itty-bitty door to give her a quiet, private spot.

And just wait until you see the kitchen! It’s bigger than many kitchens in “normal” homes. You can enjoy the full tour with Bryce Langston below.

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The Covered Porch Doubles Their Living Space!

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