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Ruru Tiny Homes in New Zealand usually works from their base models, but this special custom home was made based on the client’s design, and it’s truly remarkable! Not only does it have two bedrooms with extra headroom and built-in closet storage, but it also features one of the most luxurious bathrooms I’ve seen in a tiny home. A walk-in shower and toilet are separated from the vanity area with a pocket door.

The main living space is also lovely, with a comfortable sectional right when you walk in through the large glass doors. A U-shaped kitchen takes up the end of the THOW opposite the bathroom, and it looks like the perfect spot to cook a delicious meal and host guests. What do you think?

This Tiny Home Has Everything You Need for Comfortable Living

Ruru Tiny House Custom w Two Bedrooms 12

Images via Ruru Tiny Homes

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Meet Jude! This wonderful woman is living in her truck home and using her golden years to travel the gorgeous country of New Zealand (we’re all jealous!). She has a YouTube channel where she shares all the cool places she goes and what it’s like to live tiny.

Her home features a giant picture window where she can sit and read, but that transforms into a single guest bed with a pulley bed! She also has a double bed which she sleeps on that pulls out from the couch. She takes a couple of steps up to her kitchen area complete with an awesome pull-out pantry, and her 3/4 bathroom is at the back of the home.

Enjoy her video tour at the end of the post!

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Jude’s Amazing New Zealand Truck Home Life

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According to Jola Josie, a travel blogger spending the year reconnecting with her New Zealand roots and traveling among gypsies, this might just be New Zealand’s Tiniest House.

Like her own THOW, this one is built on a ute, so owner Ivan had to focus on the weight of his build, using mainly pine for the frame and cedar shingles. The reclaimed and recycled home has an itty bitty kitchen, loft bedroom and storage space (he’ll build his travelling bathroom later). He uses one solar panel to power his lights and little water pump for his sink. You can watch Jola’s full interview with Ivan below the pictures.

Get more information about Jola’s journey after the video. Enjoy!

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New Zealand’s Tiniest House? (On a Ute)

Images/Screenshots via Facebook

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