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This 610 sq. ft. small house in Oakland, California is a guest post by John Olmsted of New Avenue Homes

Mona teamed up with her daughter Lisa, son in law Aaron and two grandkids to create this backyard casita near the famous Berkeley Gourmet Ghetto. Nicknamed Chez Mona due to it’s proximity to Chez Panisse, it is walking distance to an abundance of coffee shops, grocery stores, restaurants and all the best that Berkeley has to offer.

The biggest surprise of the entire project came when both Mona moved out of her big home at the top of Euclid in Berkeley and Lisa and her family moved from their home in the Kensington hills and they all realized that while they loved their Golden Gate Bridge views, they had been missing out on the luxury of walking to Philz Coffee and sitting at a cafe together on their way to work. The lack of shuttling kids to every activity was another big plus of being “downtown”.

This 610 square foot backyard home with completely level surfaces throughout. This includes a flush mounted shower. The home has radiant floor heat, a whole house fan, spray foam insulation in the roof, tile throughout. The design was tucked in behind a fairly large apartment building to the south but fortunately, both morning and afternoon sun shines in the bedroom and living room windows.

610 Sq. Ft. Small House in California


Images © New Avenue Homes

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This 480 sq. ft. backyard cottage Berkeley, California is a guest post by John Olmsted of New Avenue Homes

Bruce and Nancy have an active and engaging world. They have a growing daughter, family, and guests coming by regularly, and many hobbies and interests. When grandma and grandpa were visiting for the holidays and found themselves staying in a hotel on the other side of town, they knew it was time to upgrade their home. With help from New Avenue, they converted an old milk barn in their backyard into the perfect guest house.

At 480 square feet, it has a bedroom, bath, big closet, and living room perfect for accommodating visiting family and friends. There is an additional 160 square feet for storing gear and tools. The surrounding yard is beautifully landscaped with a stone path leading to the main house.

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480 Sq. Ft. Milk Barn Converted into Backyard Cottage


Images © New Avenue Homes

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This 250 sq. ft. tiny guest house in Oakland, California is a guest post by John Olmsted of New Avenue Homes

Travis and Kelly approached New Avenue back in February 2013 to discuss adding an accessory dwelling to the backyard of their Oakland, CA home. This 250 square foot casita is intended as a guesthouse and office.

Construction took about 5 to 6 months and began at the end of 2013. Some challenges to this project included poor access to the backyard, a very sloped lot, and older utilities which lead to a replaced water line. Just as the work came to completion in June 2014, Travis and Kelly adopted a baby. Now they take turns working from home two days a week in their backyard office so they can spend quality time with the newest member of their family.

When family and friends are in town to see the new baby or if Travis and Kelly are entertaining and hosting a get-together, they offer their casita as a small home away from home for overnight guests. It has a fully functioning bathroom and working washer dryer. When the family is away, it serves as a residence for their dog-sitter.

250 Sq. Ft. Tiny House in Oakland, CA Backyard (Guest House)

250 Sq. Ft. Backyard Tiny House by New Avenue Homes

Images © New Avenue Homes

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