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This is the Kloosterzande Tiny House in the Netherlands.

It’s a quaint little cottage with a spectacular view that’s available to book on Airbnb. Learn more below!

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Kloosterzande Tiny Home in the Netherlands

Kloosterzande Tiny Home in the Netherlands via Anouk-Airbnb 001

Images via Anouk/Airbnb

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This is a backyard garden cabin in the Netherlands out of Ermelo, Gelerland.

It’s an Airbnb unit in a cozy backyard where you’re within walking distance to shops and restaurants. What do you think?

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Incredible Garden Cabin That Opens To Nature

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This is the Tiny Boundaries Documentary.

It’s the story of a Tiny House built (by us) in the Netherlands that was driven to a remote island called Jura, a wonderful road trip through the dramatic scenery of Scotland. It’s also the story of the family who owns it now and the choices they made that led them to this choice.

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Tiny Boundaries Documentary: The Story of a Family’s Tiny Home in the Netherlands

Tiny Boundaries Documentary 007

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Take a look at this unique staircase to loft in this 206 sq. ft. tiny home. The tiny home was built by a high school teacher in the Netherlands with no prior building experience.

So when you step into the house, the staircase is directly to your right — this is on the rear end of the trailer, opposite of the tongue.

I like it because the design and placement of the staircase makes it look like it’s a completely separate bedroom, doesn’t it?

Staircase to Sleeping Loft in a Tiny House That You’ve Probably Never Noticed Before


Images © Remco Stadhouders

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This is the MV MiniVilla Tiny House.

The MV MiniVilla is a dismountable home, with all the amenities you need.2

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MV MiniVilla Tiny House in the Netherlands

Photos © MV MiniVilla

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You’ve got to watch the video tour of this genius tiny house on wheels in the Netherlands brought to you by Rob Greenfield.

A few years ago the Tiny House movement in the Netherlands was nonexistent and now people all over the country are inspired to simplify life and live tiny. Here’s one of the early pioneers of tiny living in the Netherlands!

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VIDEO: Genius Tiny House on Wheels in the Netherlands

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