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This is the Waterfront Glass Cabin in Naples, Maine—a riverside luxury accommodation for two! The bedroom overlooks the river through an entire wall of windows along a renovated porch. LED lighting glows around the steps to the deck, and a hot tub is set into the boards.

Inside, the home has an open-concept design, with the living room and bedroom separated by a see-through electric fireplace. The massive kitchen is made for preparing gourmet meals “at home.” Finally, bathing next to a massive wall-sized window will make you feel like you’re in an outdoor shower! Check out all the awesome details below.

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Riverfront Cabin w/ Glassed-In Front Porch & Hot Tub

Waterfront Glass Cabin See Thru Fireplace 19

Images via Airbnb/Jon

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This stealth Ford Transit van conversion is listed for sale at Van Life Trader out of Naples, Florida, for $42,500.

It’s a 2019 low-roof van, which makes it easier to drive and park without making it look like a conspicuous camper van. It seems like an ordinary work van, but inside, it’s a cozy little camper that you can likely get away with parking almost anywhere. It has 2WD, a gasoline engine, an automatic transmission, a backup camera, cedar interior siding, and a platform for a queen mattress. Would you consider a van like this for your next tiny home?

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Stealth Ford Transit Van Conversion For Sale in Naples, Florida

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This is a horse trailer that was converted into a tiny home on wheels.

It’s listed for sale for $38,000 over at Tiny Home Builders.

Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments!

Horse Trailer to Tiny House Conversion For Sale out of Naples, Florida

Horse Trailer Converted into Tiny Home 001

Images via Tiny Home Builders

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This is a horse trailer turned into a gypsy wagon tiny house!

It’s listed for sale on Tiny Home Builders out of Naples, Florida for $26,000.

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6 Horse Trailer Converted into Gypsy Wagon Style Tiny House Now For Sale in Naples, Florida for $26,000!

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This is an unfinished DIY tiny house shell that survived Hurricane Irma in Naples, Florida.

The other cool part is, the couple who own it were able to park two cars inside it during the storm which helped protect the cars while also adding weight to the structure to stabilize it during the storm.

DIY Tiny House Shell Survives Hurricane Winds in Florida

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