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I have a micro home with a 10’x10′ footprint with a loft. The inside is typical of many tiny houses: small living area, tiny wet bath, small kitchen and a loft area at the front and back accessed by a ladder.

Unlike most tiny houses of similar size, this one is made using modular, composite steel technology (CST), a patented process that uses tubular steel and dense foam to create an R20 rating on the panels. There is no wood in the construction of the walls, floor and roof. It’s about half the weight of wood and almost half the cost.

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100 Sq. Ft. Micro Home Built Using Composite Steel


Images © Eroca

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In this post I’m excited to share the Eagle 1 micro home with you. It’s a 350 sq. ft. two-story, steel-framed tiny house built on a foundation.

When you walk into the main floor through the french doors you’re greeted by the living room and kitchen.

Keep walking towards the back you’ll find the ‘front door’ along with the bathroom. Behind you are the stairs to go up to the second floor where you can enjoy a spacious bedroom with a 50 sq. ft. upstairs deck/balcony.

The main level is 10’x20′ and the second floor is approximately 10’x15′ with the 10’x’5′ deck/balcony I told you about. Ready to check it out? I thought so! Enjoy below.

The Eagle 1 Two Level Micro Home


Images: MurchTech

I’ll show you the floor plan below but above you can see how it all works. The front door is in the rear right of the building but you can also decide to use the french doors instead. And one of my favorite features is the upstairs balcony from the bedroom. Pretty cool, right? Enjoy the rest of this micro house below:

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