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This is the story of Kristie Wolfe’s second tiny house. She started by building her own 96-square-foot tiny home on wheels in Idaho. She built that home for only $5,000 and it gave her a foundation to be able to travel, pursue her interests, and even buy her own land in Hawaii to build her SECOND tiny home!

She and her mom actually built it together and it’s super awesome. In fact, they’ve turned it into a vacation rental that you can book on Airbnb while they’re not there enjoying it themselves. She bought the land for $8,000 sight unseen and proceeded to build the cabin for another $11,000 in costs. Not bad, right?

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Woman’s Second Tiny Home She Built Together w/ her Mom… Now it’s a Hawaiian Treehouse Vacation🌴😍

She built her SECOND tiny home in Hawaii WITH LAND for only $19,000 Images © TinyHouseOnThePrairie/AirbnbImages © TinyHouseOnThePrairie/Airbnb

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