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If you want an edgy off-grid vacation, this cliff cabin might be the perfect fit! Built on the *very* edge of mountain in North Carolina, this “normal” tiny home becomes extraordinary and has absolutely fantastic views.

Besides sitting out on the deck bar and staring at the valley below, you can walk down a (slightly perilous) staircase to the firepit, which is tucked beneath a huge rock. You’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time.

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This Tiny Cabin Might Set You On Edge

Gravity-Defying Cliff Cabin with Cave-Like Fire Pit 2

Images via MikeWillTravel

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Wow! Wait until you watch the renovation slideshow at the end of this post. The owners of the Mountain Time Chalet took it from an outdated 1970s vacation home and turned it into a stunning modern and inviting retreat in Big Bear, California.

Kelly, Waylon, and their infant daughter really went all out doing this DIY renovation. What you’ll find now is a perfect getaway, complete with two bedrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, and a great open-concept gathering area where you can make memories!

It’s a rental on Airbnb, so be sure to book your stay.

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Couple Transforms this 1970s Chalet into Gorgeous Vacation Spot

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This is Kevin’s Rustic Cabin on Ozark Mountain brought to us by Charles and Jon at Our Tiny Cabin Project on YouTube.

They write:

This little cabin is pretty amazing, made out of recycled pallet wood, reclaimed barn metal and is partially off the grid. [Kevin’s] cabin is just under 300 sq. feet and has the rustic feel that one would expect from a cabin in the woods. Any one interested in a cabin, or other construction needs, should contact Kevin because he is a carpenter by trade. His contact info is at the end of the video.

How cool! See some screenshots and then watch the video and subscribe to Our Tiny Cabin Project for more videos.

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Kevin’s Rustic Cabin on Ozark Mountain

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Nestled deep within nature and surrounded by a lush man-made pond this totem style cabin is a guest house oasis. Henry Yorke Mann, architect, designed this small cabin for clients who wanted to give their guests an experience they would not forget among the 10-acre property in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

Once inside you will notice there is a skylight that runs the length of the home at the peak of the roof. This feature gives so much sunlight inside the wooded cabin.

There is a fireplace that divides the home from the living and dining area in the front half and the kitchen and bathroom in the back corners. With the sleeping loft above.

The owners decided to stay in the cabin a few times and soon discovered they were ready to downsize from their 5,000 sq. ft. home to the 400 sq. ft. Totem cabin.

Check out the inside of this cabin in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

400 Sq. Ft. Cabin in Mountains of British Columbia


Images © Stuart Bish

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This one of a kind modern tiny mountain cabin in Norway is sure to amaze you.

I hope it’ll at least slightly amuse you because it’s definitely something you’ve probably never seen before thanks to the creative entrance into the cabin (see below).

This structure was designed and built by students and architects at Bergen School of Architecture. It was done using mostly scrap wood materials from local mills in the area. As you’ll see, this tiny cabin is modern, sleek, and minimalist. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Modern Tiny Mountain Cabin in Norway


Images © Espen Folgerø, Gunnar Sørås, Helge Skodvin, Marina Magreøy, and Stine Elise Kristoffersen

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