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This is the story of my stay in the Mount Dora Tiny House! It’s an Escape Vista Boho tiny house on wheels that’s beautifully stationed in Mount Dora, Florida, a beautiful little town near Orlando.

So in early March, I got to stay here! It was the first time in a while that I have gotten to spend the night in a tiny house on wheels, and the first time ever getting to stay in an ESCAPE. So I was super excited, and it went great. I actually did a video all about it that you can enjoy below. It’s been a while since I made a tiny house video like this, but I did spend a lot of time editing it, so I sure hope you enjoy it.

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I Stayed In The Mount Dora Tiny House in Florida

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This is to tell you about the Mount Dora Escape Boho Tiny House Vacation in Florida and I’m so excited because I’ve actually booked a stay here this March so that I can experience tiny living in a simple, luxurious, and beautiful tiny house like the Escape Vista Boho. 

And what better way to do that than in the quaint village of Mount Dora, Florida, which I’ve never been to. So I’ve got my camera gear ready and I’m excited to capture the experience for you in the photo, video, and even a 360/virtual reality experience (if I can figure out how to use this new camera). Anyway, for now, I wanted you to be able to see and maybe even book The Mount Dora ESCAPE Vista Boho Tiny House for yourself, so here it is below. What do you think? Looks like it should be your next vacation, right? By the way, it is now mid-2020, and you can read all about my experience at this Mount Dora tiny house right here.

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Escape Boho Tiny House Experience in Mount Dora, Florida

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