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After owning a conventional home and feeling stressed by the pressure of paying a large mortgage on her own by mortgage arrangers, Natalie, a Canadian woman in her mid-thirties, decided to build a tiny house on wheels.

Starting with plans from Tumbleweed, she adapted the design for extreme winter weather by installing spray foam insulation, a heat recovery ventilation system, electric in-floor heating and a propane heater. Natalie built the house with the help of a contractor and the whole project, including labor, cost approximately $36,000 CAD (although the roof still needs to be shingled).

The tiny house is currently parked in a suburb of Montreal, Canada where she has been living in it for a year and a half. She plans to live in this house forever and, with a little bit of work (i.e. taking down a portion of the backyard fencing), she can take her home wherever she goes.

Woman Ditches Mortgage and Builds Tiny Home

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This is a Reader Submitted Guest Post – Share Your Downsizing Story Too

This is my tiny blues cabin. I live in the Tennessee hill-country but my musical tastes are more in line with Clarksdale, Mississippi Delta country! It’s about 70 miles south of Nashville (which is a great place) and I’m a bluesman at heart (even if not by talent!). I have this cabin because I wanted a get-away place to enjoy my blues music all night if I wanted to, to study, and also just to relax.

I bought this little log cabin from an Amish company in Kentucky. The outside was already finished, but my dad finished the inside. A friend of mine also built the front steps. The cabin is 14×20, but the front porch takes up 4 ft, leaving the actual living space at 200 sq. ft. My parents did all of the inside work to this place, including the electric blue paint and the Mississippi Mud paint!

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Mortgage-free in an Amish Log Cabin

Tommy's Tiny Blues Log Cabin

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