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This is the story of a son who designed and built a tiny house on wheels for his mom. It has about 300 sq. ft. of space.

What an awesome and inspiring story, right? His name is Matt Thorne. His mom has been living in the tiny house for well over 6 months now and she loves it! Now Matt is looking to build one for a customer. He’s also looking for the right person to partner with to build another one as a vacation rental unit.

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Man Designs and Builds an Incredible Tiny House on Wheels for His Mom!

Son Designs and Builds Tiny House for his Mom

© Matt Thorne

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This is an amazing Garden House with sliding walls!

You have to watch the video to get the full effect, but this standard-cabin shape-shifts into multiple different configurations, including one with a beautiful glass greenhouse in the middle.

Caspar Schols built this wonderful house as his mother’s hobby space.

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Garden House with Sliding Walls for Mom

Images via De Zeen

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