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Shaye has been an incredible tiny house builder and designer who we’ve admired for years, and this is her latest masterpiece! The “Ashleigh” is a one-of-a-kind modular tiny house design that’s essentially two tiny homes connected by a middle porch space that doubles as another living room.

The main tiny home has the kitchen — with tons of counter space and a fun pull-out table — and a living room with giant built-in couches that provide an extra seating area if needed. The second pod has two bedrooms, one of which has a nice built-up twin bed to maximize sleeping space (since this is an Airbnb). I could see so many reasons why someone might live in this house full-time! What do you think?

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Ashleigh: Two Tiny Homes Connected by a Porch

Shayne’s Incredible Modular Airbnb Design

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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If you liked the concept of the Dove model prefab home shell we showed you previously, but need more space, you’re in luck! The same company, NIDUS, also makes a “Condor” model in two larger sizes — one around 400 square feet, and the other around 750 square feet. And they start at about $29,447 and $49,756, respectively.

Both models have a similar first-floor set-up, with a living room, kitchen, and bathroom, but the smaller Condor has an open loft (stand-up), while the larger model features two bedrooms upstairs. Either option would work well for a couple or even a small family (especially the larger version). What do you think?

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Affordable 400 & 750 Square Foot Prefab Homes

The Condor from NIDUS Modular Tiny Home Solutions 9

Images via NIDUS

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Looking for a way to add an alternative dwelling unity (ADU) to your property? The Golley House is a great choice! This 10×16 home comes flat-packed with SIP panels and you can finish the exterior and interior however you’d like. Use the space as an office, a guest space, or a granny pod!

Depending on the zoning rules in your area, you could even use it as an Airbnb or rental. The one pictured below was set up in Atlanta, Georgia.

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This Tiny House Is Made of 30 SIPs! Modular Option.

Golley House Flat-Pack Modular Home with 8 Ft. Loft Headroom! 4

Images via Golley House

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This is the model house for Tiny Lofts, a new tiny house builder in Germany with an eco-friendly design for a modular tiny house sans wheels.

The sleek, modern house has a minimalistic Nordic feel on the exterior, but many of the exterior and interior finishes can be selected from a catalog and customized to suit your tastes. At about 323 square feet, the home includes a compact kitchen, spacious open floor plan for the living space, and a super-luxurious bathroom with a full soaking tub in front of a whole-wall window.

You can customize the house to be off-grid, or let it hook up to power and water like a standard house. A wood stove, radiant floor heating and electrical units are all choices for climate control. Enjoy the photo tour below and check out more options and details on the Tiny Lofts website here. The model house is also open as a vacation rental, in case you want to see the quality and function of the house up close. Book here.

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Customizable Modular Tiny House in Germany


Images via Tiny Lofts

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These are some super funky, stackable housing units that take tiny to a whole new level!

Each of the three stacked modules measure 8 x 13 x 9 and provide enough space for a bed, kitchen and bathroom. They were designed by Slovenian OFIS Arhitekti, and almost seem to defy gravity!

You can’t purchase them yet (this was just a prototype on display in Milan), but the units are designed to be eco-friendly and compatible with many different climates and location. It’ll be fun to see what they are like once produced on a broader scale!

Read more about these on Dezeen.

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OFIS Arhitekti Funky Stackable Housing Units

Images via Dezeen

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