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This shipping container house is modern, can easily be moved, and can be customized to your own liking on the inside.

One Cool Habitat is always innovating their prefab units, and here they are to show you their modern looking shipping container unit. It can easily be an extra bedroom, backyard office, or tiny house. What do you think?

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A Prefab Shipping Container House That’s Modern

Prefab Modern Shipping Container Home

Photo Credits: One Cool Habitat

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Dave over at Grain Edit posted some pictures of an old booklet called Second Homes for Leisure Living by Douglas Fir Plywood Association.  The booklet contains a few modern prefab designs from various architects including including George Matsumoto, Frederick Liebhardt, David George, and Henrik Bull.

There are some really fascinating A-Frames, one of them with an upstairs deck which was a first for me to see.  Here is a screenshot of the A Frames, for the rest of the scans please visit Grain Edit.  You won’t regret jumping over to Dave’s post.