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This is interesting! It’s is a tiny house on wheels built-out as a modern mobile retail store.

It’s being used for a men’s clothing brand, but they no longer need it so it’s listed for sale out of Bend, Oregon for $70,000 or best offer. What do you think of this concept?

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Mobile Retail Store Tiny House on Wheels, For Sale in Bend, Oregon

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This is an adorable Mobile Tiny Store for sale in Hubbard Lake, Michigan.

Sure tiny spaces on wheels are great for living in, but what about for working from? Take your wares with you and sell them wherever you go!

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THOW Retail Store: Little Retail Store on Wheels

Tiny House on Wheels Built as a Mobile Retail Store

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This tiny house on wheels in Japan is designed and built by Tree Heads & Co. to be used as a mobile shop that sells coffee, soft drinks, and snacks.

It’s situated near a bus stop so people getting off can enjoy coffee, drinks, and snacks while enjoying wonderful mountain views.

The shingle siding is made from cypress. And the little cabin on wheels has a living green roof which will soon have flowers. It’s called the Green Roof Tiny Shop.

Green Roof Tiny Shop: Tiny House as Mobile Store


Images © Tree Heads & Co.

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