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Two things today when it comes to simple kitchens and possibly designing and building one out for yourself. For this, we’ll have a look at two things…

  1. Mobile Condo’s kitchen progress
  2. and a simple and awesome kitchen by Gratz Industries.

First, check out John and Anne’s progress on their Mobile Condo’s kitchen… Right above the water tank, they installed two slide-out drawers with plastic containers, very smart. If it were mine I’d try to figure out a way to hide the tank a bit. Probably with a wrap around curtain that can be installed underneath the countertop. I’m sure it’s possible just have to pick a nice fabric.

Okay next (below that) I found a kitchen I LOVE… So I had to show you guys. I ran into it while looking for countertop curtains…

Designing And Building A Simple, Affordable, And Useful Kitchen

mobile-condo-box-truck-kitchen [continue reading…]


John and Anne got quite a bit done with their mobile condo this weekend. They put up the framework for their bed loft and bolted down their composting toilet.

If you don’t know them, they are building an awesome fully featured house inside of a box truck to live and travel in.

They are planning on having just about everything you can think of…

  • Full sized shower
  • Piano
  • Water system
  • Kitchen
  • Couch
  • Plenty of storage
  • Washer and dryer

And much more… What I really love about John and Anne is that they’ve decided what it is that they NEED and they are just doing it themselves.

I can’t wait to see their finished project, it’s one of my favorites to follow. So take a look at these pictures and then be sure to visit their blog and say hello!

So here’s their truck…

mobile-condo-in-the-making-john-and-anneAnd here’s some of their progress (bed loft) this weekend…

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