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This is the Roberta Vandar. It’s Darian Vander Vliet’s 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan Camper.

It’s a blast from the past reader submission that slipped through the cracks from 2016 but I figured would still be an interesting van build-out to look at, so here it is! Have you ever considered traveling and camping out of a minivan?

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His ‘Roberta Vandar’ Minivan Conversion

Roberta Vandar 05 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan Camper Build-out 001

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Right now I want to show you how this camper van rental company has turned this Dodge Grand Caravan minivan camper. They’re a company called Lost Campers who specialize in camper van rentals throughout California, Utah, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City.

This way you can show up, and instead of getting a motel, you can rent one of these and truly explore the state the way it was meant to be explored. Pretty cool, right? Well, I’ve been wanting to tell you about them for quite some time. So first let me have you take a look at their Dodge Grand Caravan to micro camper RV conversion below. Please enjoy!

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Dodge Grand Caravan Micro Minivan Camper RV Conversion


Images © LostCamperUSA.com

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After you’re done with this post you’ll know how to turn your minivan into an RV.

Depending on what you consider an RV, of course. So I ran into Lindsey and Joe who are going to show you how they’ve done it.

They’ve slept in their van quite a few times over the last year or so when tent camping was a bad option due to weather and other circumstances.

Minivan Camping with Two Kids and Two Adults

Whether you’re camping out and the weather’s bad or you’re on a long road trip and need a nap.

Here’s What You’ll Need to Set up Your Van for Camping

Before heading out it’s a good idea to remove your middle row seating to create enough room for yourself. After that, load up your…

    • Hammock
    • Carabiners
    • Tie-down straps
    • Pillows
    • Sleeping pads

Family Minivan Camping

Turning your Minivan into an RV for Camping

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