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I ran into this at the tiny houses category over at Reddit and just had to share it with you.

This is one man’s tiny cabin for minimalist living in the Smokies.

It was originally bought as a getaway cabin in the mountains.

At about 570 sq. ft. with an open floor plan and a great location… I think it’s a great place to live simply in… How about you?

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Minimalist Living in a Tiny Cabin

You can check out the rest of the cabin (and read the rest of the story) below:

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If you ever want to live tiny you’re going to have to simplify your wardrobe if you already haven’t.

And you’re going to have to do it in a big way (if you’re not yet a minimalist like most of us).

Have you seen the closets in tiny houses lately? They’re super tiny! (see below).

But don’t worry. You can do this! It’s actually pretty easy if you can follow the 7 steps outlined in this post.


Image: Tumbleweed Elm 18 Overlook Tiny House

So let’s jump right in to step 1 below:

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I really like this tiny cabin‘s modern look and feel.

Especially because everything remains simple. Really simple.

This modern micro house was designed to be a weekend getaway.

In it you’ll find a lofted sleeping area with a great view thanks to the cabin’s design.

There’s a screened porch area along with a deck. Take a look for yourself below.


I encourage you to go inside below:

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