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This is an interview with a Tiny House Nation couple: Tim and Shannon and their Minim Tiny House in Upstate New York. They were in the first season of Tiny House Nation (Episode 3).

Now they’ve lived in their tiny home for over four years, and they share some of their experiences with us in the interview below, including some of their regrets when it comes to their tiny house. I think you’ll really get a lot out of it. Enjoy!

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Interview with Tiny House Nation Couple

Shannon and Tim Tiny House Interview 001

Photos via Shannon and Tim

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This is the NW Minim Tiny House on Wheels. It’s a slightly modified (larger) version of the Minim by Brian Levy. What do you think? Could this be a tiny home on wheels that you could live in comfortably?

Modified, Larger, NW Minim Tiny House on Wheels: 288 Sq. Ft. (12′ x 24′)

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This is a 12’x24′ Minim Style Tiny House on Wheels that was for sale back in 2017.

Priced was reduced from $69,900 to $54,900. It’s since then likely sold, but you can still enjoy touring it below and actually seeing how it was built, too!

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Gorgeous Minim Style Tiny House on Wheels For Sale!

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